I launched Story.org because I wanted to explore how stories move us or hold us in place, shape our movements and ways of interacting with the world.

We each encounter and consume dozens of stories every day. Most will leave little to no impression. Taken one by one, most stories we come across will barely have the impact of a pebble momentarily troubling the stillness of a lake.

When the pebble hits the water just right, it might skip a few times, making us feel a jolt of joy.

Some stories reverberate through our minds over time, before they sink deep to the bottom of our memory lakes. Other stories may move us more like boats shuffle and shift waves.

Every now and then a bigger story may trouble our waters like a storm - and, even less frequently, those storms will leave behind a shipwreck.

But our inner lakes aren’t just places for collecting external stories - they are themselves ecosystems that give and nurture life. The most meaningful stories we live with, of course, are born from our own experience.

What cleanup and restoration work do we need to do to nurture healthy, renewable inner habitats?